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If you have studied management science at some point in your career, you would have come all sorts of business management frameworks and models – some theoretical and others derived post application. Examples include Six Sigma, Lean and Kaizen. We’ve learned from experience that although individually powerful, not one of these are generally applicable; there is no one-size-fit-all option. You could choose one of these frameworks as a lens through which to describe the nature of Pathscript’s services and you’d probably end up with a fairly good description of how we work. This notion lends itself to the claim that these frameworks share some underlying principles; what exactly they might be is again open for debate.


We have tried to shape our products and services to act on what we think are the said principles, allowing us the flexibility to blend the right combination of management tools for your business.

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Business Health Check

First we need a sensor to measure the system – the Business Health Check. With some practice, we have devised a set of indicators and metrics that describe your business over time. It considers aspects such as the size and nature of your investments, your core competencies, potential risks and what plans you have for the future.

What to expect

A team of consultants will conduct a series of discussions and review relevant documents to produce for you a report, the Business Health Check, that details their findings.

how we use this information

From this we derive, perhaps importantly, whether we can actually help. This is an integral part of our work. Should you choose to engage our management consulting services, we first evaluate your company and our ability to help with the Business Health Check. In most cases, meeting the minimum business health requirements is a prerequisite for us to engage with you. Falling below this requirement either means that your business is not suitable for our methods to be productive, or your case is outside our domain of knowledge or capacity.

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Business Plans

We can assist you in developing strategies to be incorporated in your business plans. If need be, we can also structure and style the documents for presentation.

What to expect

A team of consultants will conduct a series of discussions, review relevant documents and provide written feedback on the relevant strategies and components of your business plan. As an extension, you can also choose to receive a written and complete business plan.

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Ideas Due Diligence

Generating new ideas is necessary if a business needs to grow. Not every idea is great but you need many of them to find one that seems good enough to implement. How do you know which one to pick or whether the one you have picked is, to put it broadly, ‘good enough’?

Management Level

We have devised 12 components on which business management ideas can be evaluated that guide us through thinking clearly about the relevant implementation requirement and outcomes..

What to expect

A team of consultants will conduct a series of discussions, review relevant documents and provide written feedback on the feasibility, foreseeable challenges and their recommendations business management and functional ideas in question.


Technical ideas about topics such as finance or supply chain are evaluated on function-specific components that focus on the details of the field in question.


Try Our Process

Research & Analysis

We learn about your business through the Business Health Check, Ideas Due Diligence, engagements with you, and independent research to determine whether we are able to help. 

Path Scripting

We employ the appropriate methodology to break projects into tasks, define timelines and task owners, and document the plans. Supporting documents highlight key tasks and impact if deadline missed or failed.

Execute & Monitor

We physically monitor the progress of tasks using relevant techniques and documents. These are used to report progress to project managers and facilitate the development of relevant counter measures.

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Execution Plan Design

We can assist you in breaking down your business and it’s future into an ongoing series of direct, manageable and coherent steps with the help of an executive plan design. Let us facilitate the progress of your business with a clear way forward.

Policy deployment design: What to expect

A team of consultants will deconstruct the big projects into manageable tasks as well as define timelines for the next stages of your business. Tasks will also be delegated and organised so everyone knows their responsibilities and timeframes necessary for completion. This systematic process will be tightly compiled into a Policy Deployment Chart which will ensure you and employees will be on the same page for what’s next.

Impact Analysis

As an extension, the Impact Analysis highlights key tasks as well as the repercussions for the business of missed deadlines. This addition helps emphasizes the important assignments that need to be prioritized for the betterment and warns .

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Plan Execution Monitoring and Control

The plan execution monitoring and control enables our us to monitor your progress and that once you are on track, you stay there. Hopefully your business continues to proceed toward it’s intended trajectory of success, we want to make sure everything is being done to aid this process; it is unlikely that nothing will go wrong

Plan Execution Monitoring and Control: What to expect

A team of consultants will physically monitor the progress of the tasks that have been delegated. This will be achieved through various business objective charts. Any failure to complete the proposed tasks would be recorded in a Counter-Measures documents as well as analysed. Basically, it is essentially to look at what went wrong or is going wrong so that changes are made to ensure these can be amended and avoided in the future.


As an extension, recommendations will be provided to enable continued progress depending on the nature of the work. It requires that we have industry or task specific expertise to provide such assistance.